Frequently Asked Questions

“What makes Ultimate GyneMax so different?”

==> First and foremost, Ultimate GyneMAX™ is the only Male Breast Reduction System on the market to be endorsed by the leading internet authority …and have the patented ingredients we include.

Your primary goal should be to lose your chest fat, while you maintain and/or increase your lean pectoral mass.

Ultimate GyneMAX supports this goal of chest fat loss 100%.

Also unlike other formulas, GyneMAX is concentrated on supporting chest fat loss, not weight loss. Make no mistake, these two goals are not the same.

Chest Fat loss is the reduction of chest fat, whereas weight loss allows for only a small reduction in body fat initially; then you start breaking down muscle and losing water weight.

==> Secondly, it would most definitely be our 60-Day 100% guarantee policy.

Our 60-day refund guarantee is double the market standard.  Why?

Because some men may not see the maximum results until 5-6 weeks out and we want them to concentrate much more on losing their chest fat… not on when their guarantee is ending.

Bottom line: We refund EVERY unopened bottle you return within 60 days of purchase.

There are companies trying to offer a “MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.” Most claim 30 days only. If you read the fine print that is buried under tons of useless information you will see that most companies will not refund you the full amount.

In most cases they only refund up to 50% of the original price and they deduct shipping costs, and also take back as much as 30% for restocking fees. So their refund policy might look good at first but after you take a closer look you might see that you will be lucky to get only 20-30% of your money back.

We’re different.

NO restocking fees, calling for RMA numbers, minus shipping fees, etc… No hoops to jump through.

Our return address is:
UG Returns
382 NE 191st St
Miami, FL 33179-3899
United States

Please note: Make sure you include your transaction (order id) # in order for us to issue a refund. You can expect a refund in the same form of payment originally used for purchase.

“How do you figure up the refund? Easy…”


We’ll refund you the amount you paid divided by the bottles you returned. For example when you purchase our most popular package for $199.95 and you use 2 bottles and return the 3 unopened bottles then we will refund you – $199.95 divided by 5= $39.99/bottle. 3 bottles X $39.99 = $119.97.

So we would refund you $119.97.

As you can clearly see, we feel we’re much more generous than the average.

“How often and how long should I take Ultimate GyneMax?”


Q: How long will it take to work?
Most everyone will begin losing weight in the midsection the first week. Within 3 weeks you should see significant results in the chest area. There are cases where Guys are not seeing significant results until the fifth or sixth week… (again, the reasoning for the 60-day guarantee)

Q: How long will a bottle of Ultimate GyneMax last me?
When taken as directed, one bottle of Ultimate GyneMax contains a 30-day supply, or 90 capsules.

Q: How many bottles of Ultimate GyneMax should I start with?
We recommend you start with the 3 month supply (3 bottles)… or what we call the 90-Day Challenge… Having said that, the most popular package is the 5 month supply.

The smart guys realize they get two extra bottles for just a few dollars more.

This package is most popular because when you order a 3-month supply of Ultimate GyneMax, you get 2 additional months ABSOLUTELY FREE, saving you a whopping $149.80 when you order!

Q: Will Ultimate GyneMax work even if I don’t change my diet or exercise habits?
Ultimate GyneMax is the most powerful over-the-counter chest fat losing formulation available to the public but it is NOT a “miracle pill”.

Nothing is. If you are serious about losing your man boobs then you must include the right diet and an increase in exercise to achieve maximum results… (That is the main reason you also get the Fast Track system for FREE)

Common sense should prevail when you hear claims of products that promise results without any effort whatsoever. Go with someone you can trust.

Q: Will Ultimate GyneMax work on all gynecomastia?
No, If you have gynecomastia and not pseudogynecomastia, then surgery may be your only option. Please seek your physician opinion to find out if you truly have gynecomastia.

Q: How long should I take Ultimate GyneMax pills?
Take GyneMax until you obtain your desired results.

There have been no reported side effects associated with the use of these supplements. Many men will decide to continue taking GyneMax at a maintenance level even after a 3-6 month supply to ensure they maintain their results.

Our pills don’t have fillers but nutrients like B Complex so that it could be your daily supplement if you so desire. Further results are entirely possible with continued use of GyneMax.

Q: How safe is Ultimate GyneMax?
GyneMax is formulated from all-natural ingredients. It is absolutely safe to take on a regular basis. As always, consult your physician if you have a concern.

Q: Do you ship outside the U.S.A.?
Absolutely. We’ve shipped to almost every country worldwide.

Secure and Discreet Ordering and Shipping


Using state-of-the-art encryption security technology, your online order is secure. When you place your order, you will be taken to our secure server prior to being asked for your credit card number. We use an address verification system to compare your billing address to your credit card on file with your bank. Please note that unless these match, we cannot process your order.

All orders are processed within 48 hours and then shipped via express courier.  If your address is a PO Box we will send it via United States Priority Mail. We also ship to military addresses including FPO’s and APO’s. These ship via priority mail too. PO Boxes may NOT be used for orders outside the US.

Q: How Long Will It Take To Get My Orders?

We offer many different shipping options. The average shipping time is two to ten business days.  Please allow 1-2 business days for the processing of your order before it leaves our facility.

Q: If I Pay By A Credit Card What Name Will Appear On My Statement?
Paypal or will appear on your credit card statement.

"My friends noticed almost immediately..."

I used to be so embarrassed and not able to take my shirt off.

Depressed and not self-confident at all. I looked for countless ways to get rid of my gynecomastia but didn't want to have surgery.

I came across your site and decided what did I have to lose but these.

That was a life changing moment for me. My friends noticed almost immediately. It took less than 4 weeks to see results.

I definitely recommend this to anyone other there because I know what they're going through and this is THE SOLUTION.

- Z.K.- Pelham, NC

"You Can Put It To Work For You Today..."

You’re looking at a real solution today, without the dangerous and expensive route of cosmetic surgery... with absolutely NO risk involved. Ultimate GyneMax has put our time, money, and our brightest scientists to work on this product, and we stand behind our work with an ironclad, 100% money back guarantee.

You have the power to change your life today. Don't waste another minute sitting on the sidelines, trying to wish the gynecomastia away. Get In The Game!


"I lost 31 lbs... dropped 2 waist sizes... and my "man boobs" have decreased in size"

"All of my life I've been embarrassed about my body. I've always been a little pudgy and suffered from "man boobs".

I'm 23 years old and have never even taken my shirt off at the beach. I couldn't even get a girl to go out with me on a date.

2 months ago I was looking into having surgery to get rid of my embarrassment when I found an article on Ultimate Gynemax and it changed my life.

I got on your website and ordered the 90 Day Challenge. I'm so glad I took the chance.

This stuff actually works. I've been taking Ultimate Gynemax for almost 2 months now and have lost 31lbs and dropped 2 waist sizes and my "man boobs" have decreased in size from what they were.

Sure I have a little ways to go but I can't wait til' next month to see what I look like.

I weighed 265lbs and now weigh 235lbs and I'm as confident as ever. I've even gone on six dates since then.

Thanks Ultimate Gynemax.

My life has turned around for the better.

- Brain D., Arizona


The Ultimate GyneMAX™ addresses all of men's most pressing gynecomastia concerns with the foolproof combination of proven exercises, nutrition and the best male breast reduction ingredients money can buy.

When you follow the program of just ONE Ultimate GyneMAX™ pill per meal PLUS the best-selling 'Get This Off My Chest Now'™ Fast Track System, you'll get maximum benefits...

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