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“Making SERIOUS Money Being Our Affiliate Is As Easy As Sending Them Our Way!”…

Dear Prospective Affiliate Partner,

Yes! That is right! This is why for you to get started and to prove to you beyond a shadow of doubt how easy it is to make money being our affiliate partner… we will give you 45% (yes that’s right 45%) of the selling price of Ultimate GyneMax when you sell the first unit. (That’s an average of $58.03 per sale- The highest in the industry)

From the second unit onwards, you’ll also receive 45% on any recurring orders… To get paid your first commission check you need to sell just 1 unit of Ultimate GyneMax. That’s it. It’s that simple.

But Why Are we willing to give you such a high rate of commission?


I’m glad you asked. You see, we’re looking for motivated and long-term affiliate partners. And in order to motivate you… we believe it is worth our investment to give you all that we can afford to give you and to treat you like we’d want to be treated.

Other affiliate programs are quick to tell you that it is about them when in fact- we realize that YOU are our #1 asset. We’ll treat you like gold … and supply you with real-time online stats. You’re going to love working with us and to be honest- that is our goal.

We’re excited to have you on board. As the saying goes- Money talks and B.S. walks… So let’s get started.

What about conversions?


Listen: Our page currently converts at 5.4%… especially coming from review pages.

Another big reason for such a high conversion rate is that Ultimate GyneMax is actually the world’s first Gynecomastia supplement endorsed by Trey Jones, author of the best-selling ‘Get This Off My Chest NOW’ system… and that goes a long way in this industry.

And secondly- for the time being, any order comes with his best-selling system for FREE. That one takes the traffic over the top. And that is not including the proven & patented ingredients… THAT WORK! There isn’t another product like it in the market for any amount of money.

We are SOOOO darn proud of Ultimate GyneMax. It’s got more integrity and honest value than anything else out there in the market.

Also, we’ve left no stone unturned to increase the conversions of Ultimate GyneMax… and thereby your affiliate checks. To increase conversions, Ultimate GyneMax comes with:

  • 60-day double your money back guarantee
  • Free bottles… and free shipping on larger orders

Also, once your application is approved, we’re going to share with you…

What we believe are the #1 ways to promote the product… and create the buzz for traffic to come through your links…

Our affiliate system will cookie your link for an entire year from the day you send them… Other systems end at 30 DAYS!

Also, once you login into the member section you’ll soon find more killer resources which will help you generate serious affiliate commissions. Tools such as high converting text emails, banners ads, text links etc. are all done for you.

All you have to do is cut n’ paste them on your respective websites.

If you are NOT currently an affiliate in our network, you can fill out the below form and we’ll get with you within 24 hours… The reason for the approval is we like to know who we’re partnering with…

Got questions?

Read the Frequently asked Questions

What is the GyneMax Affiliate Program?

How do I get started with the affiliate program?
It’s a very simple process: fill out the Affiliate Application, and when we accept your application, you will be notified via email about how to link to us and start earning money.

Can I participate if I live outside the U.S.?
Yes, Ultimate GyneMax and participation in the Affiliate Program are available globally. If you live outside the US, your commissions are paid in US dollars by check or by Paypal on the 15th of the month following the sale.

Does it cost anything to become a Ultimate GyneMax affiliate?
No. Currently the Ultimate GyneMax Affiliate Program is free.

Does my web site qualify for the Ultimate GyneMax’s Affiliate Program?
Anyone can apply for the program. However, Ultimate GyneMax reserves the right to refuse any site, especially if it contains unsuitable material. Web sites that would violate any applicable law, regulation, or third-party right; encourage illegal activity or racism; or feature hard liquor, tobacco products, gambling, or materials, products, or services related to pornography will be deemed unacceptable for the Ultimate GyneMax Affiliate Program. >

I don’t have a Website yet. Can I still apply to be an affiliate with Ultimate GyneMax?
Yes, unlike most Affiliate Programs that only accept affiliates that have their own web site, we feel that everyone should be given the opportunity to be part of the Ultimate GyneMax Affiliate Program.

As an affiliate, you are given access to your own links… etc… (Please see the welcome message you receive from us after you complete the registration process for full details).

How does Ultimate GyneMax track visitors to my Web site?
Ultimate GyneMax uses state of the art technology to manage your leads and sales. Our shoppingcart tracking system makes use of cookies to track your referrals for up to 12 months.

Over 99% of all users have their cookies enabled on their browser (less than 1% of all users have their cookies disabled). The fact is that cookie-based technology is a reality that will remain a part of consumer tracking for individual Internet e-businesses for quite some time. In the unlikely situation that a customer has cookies disabled, then the sales that occur cannot be tracked, either by our technology or anyone else’s.

How can I keep track of how many people visit and buy from my Ultimate GyneMax affiliate link?
Check your welcome email. In it there’ll be instructions on how to log in to your GyneMax affiliate account. Simply log in to your account to access a variety of online reports, where you can track your click-throughs and commissions. (Did we mention that you’ll get an email every time someone buys?)

How much will I earn for each sale I refer to the GyneMax Product?
You will receive 45% of the selling price of Ultimate GyneMax when you sell the first unit. From the second unit onwards, you will STILL receive 45% of the selling price of Ultimate GyneMax. To get paid your first commission check you need to sell just 1 unit of Ultimate GyneMax. That’s it. It’s that simple.

When and how do I get paid?
You will be paid monthly by Paypal account or a check (USD) for the previous month’s sales after we receive the payment from the customer. Commission checks are issued on the 15th day of each month. Please ensure that we have your correct Paypal address and payee information.

If I buy through my own link, do I get a commission?

If you purchase one of our products through your own affiliate link, our policy is to reverse the commission to the affiliate that originally referred you to us. This is to ensure that all affiliates receive proper credit for their referrals. If nobody referred you to us, no commission is paid.

For example, you work hard to refer through your affiliate links then that person signs up for the affiliate program and purchases from his own link, thus you would not receive any compensation for your efforts. And we want you to be properly rewarded. Fair enough?>

How can I change my affiliate account information?
To make changes to your account, just go to the login page. You’ll need to know your user name and password in order to access your account. >

What kind of advertising is prohibited?
You cannot send unsolicited email (also known as spam) in any way, shape, or form. There will be absolutely no leniency in cases of unsolicited email, and affiliates in violation of this policy will forfeit their commissions and be removed from the program immediately upon verification.

Oh, one last thing. We’re limiting the number of affiliates who can join our program, so please if you are interested, we suggest you sign up right now by clicking here.

Once you login to our affiliate support page we are going to share with you some killer marketing techniques on to make maximum money in minimum time… in the weeks to come.

So sign-up right now…


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The Affiliate Program is by application only. After you submit the affiliate signup form your information will be individually reviewed. Make sure you include an accurate email address in case we need to email you and confirm your application.

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